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A peek inside the Stitch Bklyn studio!


So, here’s what I’m working on.

I love all things crafty and quilty, and I also like a more modern eclectic style. I’ve been searching for pieces for my home that combined both. And it’s proved harder than you would think.

I want cushions and quilts that are…….Handcrafted yet still modern, Modern and really cozy!

Not finding exactly what I wanted, I decided to launch Stitch Bklyn. To create stylish quilts for the modern home. Using all-natural fabrics, clean designs, and colors. And create future heirlooms can be used every day.

I’ve created a mood board and gathered my favorite color and design inspiration. It really helped the process to sew up a few color tests, as well as work out the iconic spacing of the quilt lines and binding width. I love the idea of bringing a little bit of Brooklyn into each design incorporating this custom map print.

This is where it all started, playing with fabric and color. And sewing a few mini test swatches

These rough swatches are used for working out color combinations as well as being useful as fabric wash tests. I love the look of the appliqued designs. I’m still deciding which method I will use to keep the finished quilts soft and drapey and eliminate rough fabric edges.

Truth be told, I also get inspired by books and chocolate…is it just me?


Along with making fabric choices, I need a tackle box of quilting gear to work on the prototypes. Here are a few of my new favorite tools. Clockwise from the top left, a traditional tailor’s clapper, to press seams flat and pristine, my ‘magic’ magnetic pin cushion, which amazingly keeps all my pins spread out perfectly! And a wooden seam roller, to help flatten seams quickly without the iron.

Finalizing all of the trims this week. From solid brass zippers for the cushions to hand cut, signature cotton & linen quilt binding. (Oop’s, I see a non-brass straggler in the bunch)


The logo is finally finished and hangtags will be printed next week. In keeping with the small batch & handmade ethos, I’m silk screening the quilt labels on classic quilters muslin. Each will be hand numbered on every finished quilt.

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