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Birds of a feather: a mini micro quilt

Last week I received a last minute request. Would I be able to make a custom heart quilt for a birthday gift? Oh, and it could need to be 10" in diameter, just right for framing and including in a friends curated gallery wall?

I know, I know, such a tiny little piece sounds perfect to just whip up quickly. And it would literally be the smallest quilt I've ever made.

As I started to gather fabrics and plan colors based on the design brief, (mid-century meets shabby chic meet a hint of moroccan influence), I soon realized that to distill all this down into such a tiny package was indeed a challenge.

And if the request had not come from my friend Simone, who has flawless good taste and innate modern style, I might not have been brave enough to tackle it.

There wasn't time to find a printed fabric that met design requirements, so I decided to use a patched/pieced method, inspired by traditional English paper piecing. And gathered all the inspiration together. Mid-tone colors, on a linen background, with micro piecing and a dash of hand quilting.

Working small involves all the same steps as working on a larger scale, plus the added need to be super precise with every snip and stitch. And although time was tight, the scale also offered an opportunity for a bit of hand quilting, adding more detail and making it an extra special gift. Sweets meets modern.

What do you think? Smallest heart quilt you've ever seen? I'd love to hear from you.....leave me a comment!


PS: Check out Simone's amazing work here, and her inspiring instagram here!

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