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Updated: Jan 29, 2019

Quilts are not just for grandmas, they are classically timeless. While they never really go out of style, there’s been a renewed burst of popularity recently – all the more reason to dig up those heirlooms or hunt for more modern pieces that match your decorating style. Not only are they endlessly useful around the house, they are a great investment, and make amazing gifts for best friends, new moms, newlyweds or for any special occasion. With new sizes, colors, and designs now readily available from modern makers, there’s a perfect quilt out there for everyone

Size: Quilts are a great, and fun way to dress up any size bed or couch. Whether you decide to go with a larger or smaller quilt, the right size will keep the focus where it should be, on your quilt.

Accessories: The right quilt is a real collectible and great investment, not only because it is timeless, but quilts also present endless options for adding a punch of color and texture to your space. Find a unique quilt for your favorite room that will match your individual style.

Or make it yourself… and cover photo Purl Soho.

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