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Mini Heart Quilts - for the NICU

Last fall I joined the Brooklyn Quilt Guild, based in Windsor Terrace, Brooklyn. It's a great organization of about 180 Brooklynites, and the meetings are a lively mix of quilty news, show and tell, as well as guest speakers.

The Guild and members support an impressive range of community programs including ABC Quilts, Comfort Quilts, Halo Quilts, Hole in the Wall Gang Quilts, Labor of Love Quilts, LiveOn NY Organ Donor Quilts, the Ronald McDonald Pillowcase Project, and Soldier Quilts.

I was immediately in awe of the talent and creativity of the members, and inspired by the generosity of donations.

As a new member, I got started by taking home and quilting a few ABC quilts, kid sized quilted throw projects that will be donated to local organizations by the guild. These are small enough projects to fit into your schedule and it's fun to quilt a project pieced & patched by someone else.

At last months meeting there was a request, from a nurse at the local NICU, for heart shaped mini quilts. These would be given specifically to Preemies. Hearts were requested, but anything 22" -26" would be welcome. Kind of an extension of the ABC Quilt category.

I know.......we all said aaaaawwwwww, cute!

As well as loving quilting, I also love a challenge, so I got excited about tackling this one.

I made one test heart, then another....then became obsessed!!!

It's a great opportunity give a little more, to create something completely freestyle, to use up the fabric stash and mix color with abandon!

Each tiny heart is totally unique. And although they are quick, fun, and undeniably super cute based on their size and shape alone, it's the idea that each one is going to a brand new, tiny person that makes me smile through each project!

I used to make things for my own kids and I joked about "love in every stitch," (because Spongebob's Granny used to say it and it made us laugh)....but I really get it now!

Sending hearts,


PS: Here's the link to the Guild:

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