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My New Unexpected Favorite Quilt for Spring

And its cozy!!!

Spring is a great time of year here in the Brooklyn. I’m not sure how other people in other parts of the country feel, but in Brooklyn, spring is… well… still pretty darn brisk. But that doesn’t stop us from turning down the heat, working on the window boxes and, and dreaming of packing up that extra fleece blanket! It may be April and 53 degrees, but I’m ready for new colors, a few daffodils and maybe just one afternoon with the window wide open.

This spring, on every chilly evening, I have found myself continuously reaching for the same throw quilt: the new Bridge Quilt in Cotton and Cotton/Linen blend. This modern style throw is not only super versatile, but it’s super comfy without being too hot. Some might argue that the linen is high maintenance, but the fabric is so soft and gets even softer with every use, until it’s crazy comfy… it’s my new favorite! Especially for Spring. It’s got just enough warmth so I don’t need to bundle up with extra socks when I’m watching Netflix and the natural colors are a great compliment to just about any group of pillows on my couch!

What do you think? Do you like this new quilt style?

Leave a comment on the blog with your thoughts. 

And if you want to have this quilt for yourself in your home CLICK HERE to pre-order

🖤 Trudi

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